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eccentric living is what I do best


As a favorite muse of the late unsurpassed photographer saloniste' and arbiter of high decadence Steven Arnold. Dawn would be seen around town looking like a tall blonde Cocteau statue wearing the most incredibly put together looks we had ever seen. I'll never forget her dress composed of an Aleister Crowley collage and her bat-wing false eyelashes. Her collections have been inspired by such diverse unique souls of the past such as kiki de Montparnasse, Marchessa Casati and the great Erte' who was a friend. Her sense of style is also very reminiscent of the great Italian designer Donella Donati who did the costuming for Fellini's films. Dawn was doing Edie Sedgwick style and fashion shoots way before there was ever a movie.I introduced her to Bobby Neuwirth Edie"s long time boyfriend and close friend of Bob Dylan famous for writing "Oh lord wont you buy me a Mercedes Benz" Dawns instinct for the unique and the pleasing permeate her work and the atmosphere she invokes around herself. Written by Joanne Fradkin Pigments Cosmetics Beverly Hills" In the 60's Joanne also did the light shows for Jefferson Airplane at the Fillmore in San Francisco. She was a friend of Janis Joplin


fashion, beauty, decadence, frailty, vanity